Day 1: User Interface
Epic Luncher
Unreal engine user interface
Main Toolbar
World Outliner
Detail Panel
Mode panel
Content browser
Editor Preformance
Project Setting
World Setting

Day 2: Lighting
Static light
Stationary light
Dayamic light
Enviromental lighting

Day 3: Material
Material Editor
Costum Material
Material Instances and Function
Using external texture and material

Day 4: Datasmith
Reivt datasmith export
3ds max datasmith export
Unreal datasmith import

Day 5: Modeling Tools

Day 6: Landscape and Foliage

Day 7: Project 1
Interior Project

Day 8: Project 2
Exterior Project

Day 9: Blueprints
Level Blueprint
Swap Material
Swap Mesh

Day 10: Cinamtics
Cinamtic Editor
Creating animation
Exporting cinmatics